ARA Annual Seminar on Reporting

ARA Seminar

The 2018 ARA Seminar on Reporting will be held in the Sydney CBD on Thursday, 21 June 2018. It will be held on the day following the ARA Awards Presentation dinner and at the same venue.

The ARA Seminar on Reporting is a must attend event for everyone who is involved in preparing an annual report. The Seminar presentations are designed to provide advice and guidance to newcomers to the reporting role, and fresh information and insights to those who are experienced in preparing the annual report for their organisation.

The program for the 2017 Seminar included Anrew Greaves, Auditor General of Victoria as the Keynote Speaker; international spekers from New York, Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand; a panel session with past winners on the benefits of winning a Special Award; and a session with experts on ‘how to’ prepare an award winning report.

Click here to read the 2017 Seminar Program

Note: The ARA Awards Presentation Dinner will be held at the same hotel the night before – Contact ARA for an invitation.

Feedback Sessions

Feedback sessions are the most important part of the ARA Awards educative process. Along with the ARA benchmarking approach to assessment, the availability of constructive feedback differentiates ARA from most other forms of Awards.

A feedback session is an intensive two-way discussion of your annual report with an ARA representative who will have carried out an in-depth review of your report and be well prepared to discuss its strengths and any weaknesses. Advice based on the ARA Criteria will be provided to help you prepare your next report.

A feedback session may be provided on your entire report or in one of the Special Award categories, namely sustainability, governance, work health and safety, integrated reporting, online reporting or communication.

Feedback sessions are available from the time entrants have been advised their results in confidence in April-May through to late July.

  • They may be held face-to-face during the annual Seminar on Reporting - by appointment.
  • A feedback session may be arranged either before or after the ARA Seminar at a time and place that is mutually convenient to the ARA adjudicator and the organisation - or by teleconference
  • Please note that ARA adjudicators are senior professional people who volunteer their time to support ARA. Feedback appointments have to arranged to fit with their work commitments.

A booking form will be posted on the ARA website in April 2018.
It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

Feedback sessions are exclusively for Award entrants. The session may be attended by up to three (3) people from your organisation.

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