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Welcome to the Australasian Reporting Awards

Enter your annual report in the 2015
 Australasian Reporting Awards to receive recognition for excellence in reporting and educative feedback from an ARA Adjudicator.

In response to requests from organisations whose reports are not yet available, ARA has extended the closing date for entries to Friday, 12 December 2014.
(YE December 31 2014 reports have an extension to Friday, 30 January 2015).
For further information please phone ARA on 61 2 9241 1240.



Complete the 2015 ARA Entry Form now and email it to ara@arawards.com.au

ARA is a not-for-profit organisation that was established more than 60 years ago to encourage effective communication of financial and business information.  
ARA gratefully acknowledges the large number of professionals who voluntarily support the Australasian Reporting Awards. 

Results of the 2014 HKMA Best Annual Reports Awards: http://www.hkma.org.hk/bara-award/introduction.html

Dr Sharron O’Neill, Macquarie University encourages entry into ARA Awards

“Research has demonstrated strong stakeholder demand for organisational transparency regarding corporate social performance. Work health and safety risk management information is of particular interest to a broad range of stakeholders (including employees, supply chain partners and investors). How organisations seek to manage those risks, and how effective these efforts are in preventing injury and illness, gives important insight into the priorities and collective values of an organisation. Yet research has also shown that while many companies report on work health and safety, the quality of that information is generally poor. The judging criteria offered by the ARA provides important guidance for organisations seeking to provide high quality accounts of their work health and safety efforts and performance.”                                                                                                           

Dr O’Neill is an ARA adjudicator for the ARA WH&S Reporting Award

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Australasian Reporting Awards
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